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Having a VPS in place ensures that you can run your EAs in a trouble-free environment without the need for any additional computer hardware, backup internet, or power supply. IC Markets recommends VPS providers co-located inside Equinix data centres with direct cross connects to our trading servers in Equinix NY4.


  • 满足条件的客户可以自行到阿里云官网 https://cn.aliyun.com/product/ecs?spm=5176.8142029.cloudEssentials.1.54216d3eRE1pDf
  • 购买完成后,从阿里云账户后台开具发票,并通过您在IC的注册邮箱,将发票截图、交易账号等信息发送至我们的客服邮箱 support.cn@icmarkets.com
  • 我们会尽快处理您的报销请求,并向您的交易账号汇入相应的金额。
  • 请注意,每张发票仅能报销一次(如购买的整年云服务器,则每月都需发报销申请邮件,按月摊销结算),每个月报销金额上限为163人民币,超额部分需自理。

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