IC Markets交易量创历史新高!

IC Markets Strikes All-Time High in Volumes During July as USD Falls

美元走低助力IC Markets 7月外汇交易量创历史新高 


Trading volumes rose above $300b for the first time at IC Markets, hitting an all-time high on July 21.

IC Markets交易量首次突破3000亿美元大关,7月21日创单日交易量新高。


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ECN FX brokerage IC Markets has reported its trading volumes for the month ending July 2017. In what was typically billed as a slow month, the latest figures reflected an all time high in volumes at IC Markets, spurred by a plunge in the USD.

ECN 外汇经纪商 IC Markets发布了2017年7月份交易量。受美元暴跌影响,在通常被视为交投清淡的7月,IC Markets 最新交易数据显示其交易量创历史新高!

July featured multiple factors that helped drive currency markets. The most notable was a hit to the USD, which fell against most majors. Political turmoil facing the Trump administration continues to affect the USD, a phenomenon that is unlikely to abate anytime soon. Elsewhere, central banks continue to attract focus, dictating euro moves, among other activities.


In particular, IC Markets recorded a volume of $313.0 billion in July 2017, an all-time high at the brokerage. The fall of the USD during July has been a primary driver for volumes not just at IC Markets but other retail exchanges as well.

值得一提的是,IC Markets在2017年7月份创造了3130亿美元的交易量创历史新高。7月份美元走跌不仅是IC Markets也是其他零售交易商交易量大幅攀升的主要因素。

Additionally, IC Markets saw an average daily volume of $14.9 billion per day during 21 trading days in July 2017. This also included a daily record of $21.0 billion on July 21, 2017 with the USD under siege – over 41.0 percent higher than its monthly average. During July, the most actively traded currency pairs were the EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and USD/JPY. XAU/USD was also heavily traded as the yellow metal experienced heavy price action with the USD in a state of flux.

此外,IC Markets 在2017年7月的21个交易日中,日均外汇交易量为149亿美元,7月21日,由于美元承压下跌,IC Markets当日交易量达210亿美元,超出月均交易量41%。7月份交易最为活跃的货币对是EUR/USD, GBP/USD, 和 USD/JPY。受美元不断变动影响金价发生了重大变化,XAU/USD 交易量也显著增长。

Extending the snapshot to Q2 2017, IC Markets reported an average monthly volume of $236.0 billion. By the numbers, July not only constitutes a new record for the brokerage but is a full 32.6 percent higher than its quarterly average. July 2017 also marks the first time IC Markets has broken $300.0 billion in trading volumes, a milestone for the group.

视线转向2017年第二季度,IC Markets月交易量达2360亿美元。7月份的交易数据不仅创造了新的交易记录,而且高出季度平均交易量32.6%。2017年7月是IC Markets交易量首次突破3000亿美元,对公司具有里程碑式意义。

Andrew Budzinski, IC Markets’ Managing Director, commented on the volumes: “Reaching over 300 billion USD in volume is a remarkable milestone. We expect these numbers to continue to grow in the coming months as we focus on client acquisition and retention.”

IC Markets总经理Andrew Budzinski表示:“交易量突破3000亿美元对于公司来说具有里程碑意义。我们预计这些数据在未来还会继续增长,这是我们专注客户发展与维护策略的回报。”

Moving forward, all eyes will be on the US and the Trump administration to quell the internal dissent and scandals that have plagued the White House during the first half of 2017. Moreover, with central bankers committing to tightening monetary conditions, the USD could remain on the move with the USD index reflecting a key trigger for trading volumes in H2.